New controlled atmosphere stunning systems for pig and poultry stunning.

It is imperative for ethical reasons to minimise the suffering of animals

The controlled atmosphere stunning system uses a multi-stage, carbon dioxide atmosphere process.This is often the most reliable slaughter method for ensuring consistency in terms of good welfare and quality. Stress is reduced.

The carbon dioxide completely stuns and desensitises animals prior to slaughter. Controlled atmosphere that completely stuns and desensitises animals.
Eliminate handling

Virtually eliminates handling of

active birds reducing shackle-line

worker fatigue and improving job


Allows for improved shackling area lighting and


Better product

By eliminating the flapping and

agitated state of birds, there is

less bruising following the

controlled atmosphere stunning


The quality of your product has the potential to improve,

resulting in less trim and product loss.

Improves yield

Significantly improves product

quality for your operation. Ability

to revert to electrical stunning at

any moment.

In many European countries, there is a regulatory

requirement to stunning pigs and poultry prior to


Animal welfare

Birds remain unconscious until further processing steps, greatly reducing bruising and wing damage.

To ensure the well-being of the animal, it is required that the killing methods are not painful and spare the poultry and pigs from any avoidable pain or stress. This means stunning the animals prior to slaughter.

Use of CO2 for stunning
The multi-stage ControlledAtmosphere Stunning process hasseveral welfare advantages.
Handling stress is reduced because live chickens no longer have to be hung on shackles. Another welfare advantage is that the chickens will berendered insensible before shackling and bleeding. CO2 is used in the pig stunning process , pigs are conveyed in pits where the atmosphere is saturated with carbon dioxide.
Ensuring the well-being of the pig leading up to, and including its stunning and slaughter is imperative for meat quality reasons, as well as for ethical reasons.
Poultry & Pig stunning
Nippon Gases supplies CO2 to a significant number of the leading poultry processors for stunning purposes.
When slaughtering chickens or turkeys for human consumption, it is imperative for ethical reasons, to ensure the well-being of the animal. Increasingly, carbon dioxide is being used for the stunning and killing of pigs. This is often the most reliable slaughter method to ensuring consistency in terms of good welfare and quality.
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