Cryogenic Freezing

Preserve the organoleptic characteristics of fresh products

Cryogenic freezing processes increase productivity while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of food. Nippon Gases offers different cryogenic freezing systems, working with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

Cryogenic Freezing
The gases used for cryogenic freezing, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, allow, by subtracting calories, to cool in few minutes many food products, preserving their organoleptic qualities.
Unlike home or mechanical freezing, cryogenic freezing creates extremely small ice crystals that do not damage the tissues and cells of products. In addition, it limits the weight losses typical of traditional freezing systems and ensures better product quality when defrosted.


Cryogenic crusting consists in freezing the product superficially in order to


– facilitate the cutting,

– stabilize the shape,

– standardize the weight of the packages,

– increase the hourly capacity in freezing.

IQF freezing

Individual Quick Freezing

With IQF technology it is possible to individually and quickly freeze pieces or portions of different types of food products (fruit, cut vegetables, shellfish, hamburgers, slices of meat, etc.), preserving their organoleptic and nutritional qualities and allowing the consumer to defrost and use the exact needed quantity, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Cook and Chill for the catering industry
The Cook and Chill system allows to store cooked food for days, maintaining its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics and ensuring its hygienic quality.
It consists of rapidly chilling freshly cooked food, by means of special cryogenic cabinets using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide, and then storing the meals at 3°C. With the Cook and Chill technique it is possible to prepare food days before consumption, offering consumers a wider gastronomic choice and reducing waste.
Cooling and freezing equipment
Spiral Freezer
Cryogenic cabinet
Linear tunnel
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