Dough Cooling with LPS

LPS is the solution
to the problems of thermoregulation of doughs

Thanks to the use of CO2 snow, LPS quickly cools the dough to the required temperature, and automatically maintains it during processing, without any contamination, dilution (sublimation of the COsnow) and with a bacteriostatic effect.

Cooling has never been easier
LPS solves problems in all food processing that cause temperature rises, potentially harmful to the final quality of the product.
Doughs are made of different types of ingredients in variable quantities and more or less sensitive to high temperatures. During the mixing of the ingredients, maintaining the correct temperature is critical in order to avoid debilitation of the dough and a possible unwanted microbial proliferation.
This system is profitably applied in the cooling of baked goods dough, meat mixtures, and pet food production.
icona funzionamento
Completely automated process
ice cooling
Microspherical CO2 snow well absorbed into the dough
icona temperatura
Fast and uniform cooling
Standardization and better quality of end products
Easy to clean and maintain
Patented, certified and safe system
LPS can be installed on existing plants, eliminating the need to mix fresh and frozen product and thus ensuring a higher final quality.
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