Hospital Services

Professional gas services for health facilities.

Professional gas services for health facilities

We supply different services to support health facilities: total gas management, telecontrol, medical gas piping maintenance, training, environment monitoring.

Total gas management

Gas operators to manage cylinders in the hospitals.

Medical gas piping maintenance

Maintenance of medical gas piping in ordinary activities or urgent situations.


Solutions to control the consumption of medical gases.


Training solutions for doctors, nurses, technical staff in hospitals or clinics.


Patented system for the treatment and active sanitization of air in indoor environments.

Legionella service

Device and service to eliminate the legionella in the water piping

Environment monitoring

Services to check the quality of different rooms in thehealth facilities (e.g. operation rooms, ressuscitation rooms, criobanks): presence of anesthesia gases, brightness, bacteria or virus contaminations, air pressure.

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