Just Clean Air

A complete solution for air treatment
and surfaces sanitization

Indoor Air Quality plays a significant role in people's general state of health.

EiSei is Nippon Gases’s exclusive distribution patented device

EiSei ("hygiene" in Japanese), thanks to Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO™) and
Ionic Particulate Gathering (IPG™) technologies, is a complete solution for air treatment and surfaces sanitization.

Volume of air treated
continuous operation in the presence of people
Bacteria, virus and VOC reduction
  • 24” integrated monitor for internal, promotional and/or educative communications.
  • Plug&Play technology for an easy and fast installation.
  • Control software for a guided and customizable configuration according to the place of use.
  • Timetable function to set a different ventilation flow rate depending on the time, and ensure the treatment of the space 24 hours a day.
  • EiSei - Nippon Gases Italia's Air Purifier

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