100% Oxy-Fuel

Replace air fired burners with Oxy-fuel burners.

Reduced emissions, fuel saving and increased throughput

Smaller flue gas cleanup equipment dueto lower gas volumes. Heat recovery equipment disposal.

~ 15-50%
CO2 reduction
~ 30%
Particulates reduction
~ 80%
NOx reduction
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers 100% Oxy-fuel combustion
This technique allows to:

- Reduce emissions of CO2, NOx, CO and particulates.
- Increase the throughput. 
- Reduce the exhaust gas volume.
Oxy-Fuel burners
Non-water cooled burners with low maintenance promoting staged combustion.
Oxy-Fuel burners developed to produce Dilute Combustion, provide a controllable atmosphere, adjustable flame and ultra low NOx emissions by promoting lower flame temperature.
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