Aerosol Therapy

Deliver of medication directly to the site of action is faster and has reduced adverse effects of the medication.

Helping to control your respiratory symptoms

Aerosol therapy is one of the best-known home respiratory care therapies since it is normal for it to be prescribed for a short time to all kinds of people with various pathologies.

Devices in Aerosol therapy
Jet nebulizer
Converts to aerosol medicine when exposed to high gas flow thanks to a built-in compressor.
Mesh nebulizer
They make the medicine go through a series of meshes or plates that force it to become an aerosol.
Portable Ultrasonic nebulizer

It emits high-frequency vibrations that generate ultrasound waves on the medicine, transforming it into a kind of mist.

Improving health systems

Telemedicine is an effective and safe means of improving care delivery, patient engagement and satisfaction.

Home care providers can receive data in real-time, enabling preemptive care that can prevent unnecessary hospital visits and promote faster and bette Interactions between patients and their physicians, This can include monitoring everything from medication taking and blood levels to telemonitoring vital signs, interacting with blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, and notifying caregivers about changes which may indicate illness.

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