Oxygen Therapy

Treatment through which the amount of oxygen the patient breathes is increased.

Breathing should beyour only concern, Nippon Gases take care of the rest 24/7

Making the patients feel as comfortable as possible with our service of oxygen therapy.

Devices in oxygen therapy
Stationary & portable Liquid oxygen reservoirs

The main function of the oxygen reservoirs is to have an oxygen reserve with which to fill the portable units to be inside or outside the patient's home. Also, the patient
can breathe a continuous flow directly from the reservoir
in an emergency.

Portable oxygen cylinders
A dioxygen storage container, both under pressure in gas cylinders or as liquid oxygen in cryogenic storage tanks. It is used by patients in a similar way to portable concentrators, but the life of these bottles is limited.
Stationary oxygen concentrators
Provides fixed oxygen to supply a deficit that the
patient has so that he can better breathe on his own.
Portable oxygen concentrators
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