Environment-friendly endogas generator

The first environmental friendly endogas generator

Through a catalytic endothermic reaction, Endogreen™ produces an endogas mixture, also commonly referred to as 40-40-20, from methane and air. This mixture is suitable for heat treatments, including case hardening, carbonitriding, hardening/tempering, sintering, and all treatments requiring that the carbon potential of the gas be in equilibrium with the carbon content of the steel treated.

Noble metal based catalyst safe for human health
Endogreen™ does not use nickel based catalysts that contain nickel monoxide, a product labelled with risk phrase R49 “may cause cancer by inhalation”.
It uses instead a catalyst based on noble metal oxides, inert agents and with patented composition.
Its action is a hundred times more efficient than that of a nickel based catalyst, but has none of its harmful effects. Catalyst regeneration is a thing of the past, as the efficiency of the reaction makes it unnecessary.

Modular design for maximum operational versatility

Thanks to the patented modular design of its reaction and cooling chambers, Endogreen™ can produce an endogas mixture whose composition remains truly constant regardless of overall flow. This is ensured by the velocity at which the reactants travel through the catalyst, which remains unaltered irrespective of variations in the flow generated.

Accordingly, Endogreen™ can feed several furnaces, adapting to the needs of the heat treating department, without the atmosphere produced being affected in the least. Variable flow makes the generator adaptable to specific manufacturing process requirements. By the same token, endogas is produced in the required amount, doing away with waste and pollution.  

No coolants required
Endogreen™ doesn’t use water but a high efficiency air to air heat exchanger.
Dew point control and adjustment by means of λ probe.
Adjusting the dew point of the gas generated by means of a λ probe makes it possible to compensate for small variations in natural gas composition and ambient air moisture content.
Nippon Gases offers customised rental programs for its Endogreen™ gas generators, including scheduled and extraordinary maintenance services, as well as replacement and disposal of exhausted catalysts.
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