100% Oxy-Fuel

Combustion with 100% oxygen.

More stringent NOx regulations in the EU with new BAT AEL for NOx

Cost-effective technology for productivity increase, energy savings and low NOx emission.

Possible > 70% Nox reduction
Mainly no CO at the stack
Helps your old filtration system to improve capacity
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers 100% oxyfuel technology to improve your productivity, increase melting rate and reduce emissions.
100% oxy-fuel technology uses best in class oxyfuel burners to optimise furnace combustion capacity,  improve your melting rate and reduce your NOx/CO2/CO emissions. Diluted combustion technology make possible to get adequate levels of NOx/CO2/CO and, at the same time treat scrap with high levels from organic components.

Stoichiometric ratio adjustment

- Diluted combustion is promoted.
- Not create hot spot on the crown.
- Reduce flue gas volume by 74%.
- The solution for large productions.


Reduce NOx emissions

- Allows to reduce almost 50% energy consumption.
- Ability to melt high organic scrap.
- Improve heat transfer.

An alternative to conventional air-fuel combustion
Offers a low cost, low maintenance option that can be installed on all air-fired furnaces independently of the kind of burner you are using today.
At the same fuel input, 100% oxy-fuel combustion reduces by 74% the flue gas volume. No need for regenerators of recuperators. Ability to melt high organic scrap. Increase melting rate up to 50%.
Do you still have questions?
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