T.R.F Furnaces

Oxygen helps to maximise TRF productivity.

Oxygen provides TRF furnaces with the maximum production capacity

Cost-effective technology to provide the TRF furnaces with the maximum melting capacity and the possibility to treat the most difficult scrap or drosses.

All kinds of solutions
Full range of equipment
Designed to meet the needs of each client
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers specific oxy-fuel technology to be implemented on TRF furnaces
Specific oxy-fuel burners designed for TRF furnaces helps maximising the furnace capacity to treat difficult drosses, any kind of scrap available in the market. At the same time, it minimises the net emissions that this kind of furnaces allows.
Manage most of the available scrap

Minimise emissions.

Manage most of the available drosses

Maximise productivity.

TRF furnaces
Compelling technical alternative to provide to this specific furnaces with the capacity to manage difficult scrap and drosses.
Offers a low cost, low maintenance option that can be installed on all kind of TRF furnaces, conferring to the furnace the most advanced combustion capacity.
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