V.O.C. Control

Oxygen helps to prevent black fumes emissions.

Oxygen helps to manage scrap with high level of organics

Cost-effective technology to manage scrap with high level of organics preventing black fumes and furnace overheating.

No black fumes
No furnace overpressure
No furnace overheating
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers oxylancing technology to improve scrap management capacity included high organic levels.
Oxy-lancing technology uses best in class oxylances optimising furnace combustion capacity, improving the capacity to melt scrap with high level of organic components. Filtration system will not suffer high temperature picks and maintain its filtration capacity.
V.O.C. control
Compelling technical alternative to improve the furnace capacity to manage difficult scrap with high level of organics.
Offers a low cost, low maintenance option that can be installed on all air-fired furnaces independently of the kind of burner you are using today.
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