CO2 for paper Neutralisation

Improve the process using carbon dioxide for pH neutralisation.

Application of CO2 for paper mill production optimisation

We can find different paper production line phases at which the application of CO2 for pH secure acidification leads to a relevant improvement by upgrading the drainage or recovering chemicals.

Wash delignified pulp

Reduce the pH of the pulp to have a better draining

Kraft pulp pH control
Replace of the strong acids to providing a smoother control
Tissue paper pH control

La CO2 può essere utilizzata per il controllo del pH della cellulosa in due punti diversi

Flotation system improvement

Replace part of the compressed air with CO2 as a carrier gas during the flotation

PCC production

CO2 is used to produce Precipitated Calcium Carbonate for print paper production

Kraft pulp pH control tower
Reduce the pH of the
pulp to have better
Reduction of dilution
Increase content of
black solids.
Increase productivity.
In case the washed pulp goes to the bleaching process, CO2 also allows a reduction of the chlorinated agents used at the first stage, (CDO).


Replace strong acids
CO2 can also be used after therefining pulp process, aiming a thinadjustment of the pH level.
CO2 is generally used to replace strong acids (H2SO4), SO2 and aluminium sulphate, providing a smoother control, and avoiding great variations at the pH values. It allows a reduction of the consumption of aluminium sulphate dosed for pH control, which is, a partial substitution of the aluminium sulphate.
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