Ozone Bleaching

Environmentally friendly bleaching.

O3 bleaching is one of the key alternatives for TCF or ECF pulp production

Thanks to ozone bleaching combined with oxygen delignification and other nonchlorine bleaching technologies, mills can curb emissions and meet environmental standards costs. This process favours a higher percentage of recycled process water, lowers chemical oxygen demand discharges, and reduces colour in the mill waste.

How ozone bleaching works
The paper & pulp industry worldwide was forced to analyse and implement alternative bleaching technologies in the ECF / TCF pulp production
And this stems, from the need to further reduce, or even eliminate adsorbable organic halides (AOX), such as dioxins and furans.
Alternative to chlorine and chlorine dioxide.
Reduction of AOX.
Reduction of wastewater O2 requirement and effluent colour.
Higher process water recycling rates.
Used for total chlorine-free pulp production and mill closure.

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