A promising vector for the future of green energy

A light and easily reactive gas

It is excellent for use as a reactant for the chemical and oil industries. Hydrogen is also becoming an important clean alternative to fossil fuels (Green Hydrogen).

Relative density
Boiling point


Hydrogen is used in different industries as chemicals, for the synthesis of amines, oil and gas to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions or laboratories as a carrier  in gas chromatography. In the transports industry it is used as a carbon-free fuel to electric vehicles becoming a key factor for a sustainable future.

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Hydrogen for Laboratories
A light-weight gas for heavy-dutyapplications.
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Hydrogen for Metalfabrication Industry
Combustible and very light gas, it has the characteristic of binding easily with oxygen to form water; it is an exothermic reaction, but it has the characteristic of deoxidizing everything it encounters if supported by a little energy. In the TIG and MAG welding processes it is used in small percentages precisely for its deoxidizing function but also for the contribution of energy that it can give to the welding process.
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Hydrogen for Oil Gas and Refining
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