Hysytech joins Nippon Gases’ Group

Madrid, Spain
Press Release
An alliance to promote decarbonizing solutions and green chemistry.

Nippon Gases, the European subsidiary of NSHD, has recently signed a strategic agreement to invest in Hysytech, a company specialized in the design, development and construction of turnkey solutions in green chemistry and alternative biofuels such as biomethane, bio-LNG and bio-hydrogen.


Hysytech's know-how and expertise in chemical processing, cryogenics, gas recovery and purification applied to biofuel production and waste-to-energy is a perfect match for Nippon Gases' leadership in technologies such as combustion, wastewater treatment, hydrogen and syngas production – as well as its highest safety standards across all aspects of the industrial gases supply chain and in the vision of a real Circular Economy.


Within this alliance, Hysytech consolidates its position as a top supplier of equipment and technologies on the market. For Nippon Gases, Hysytech becomes the enabling supplier for its business model on Carbon Neutrality projects.


Nippon Gases and Hysytech strongly believe that this alliance will bring the industry innovative and customized solutions to support customers in their journey to Carbon Neutrality.



About Hysytech

HYSYTECH S.r.l. is an engineering company founded in 2003, specialized in the design, development and industrial implementation of new turn-key process technologies and equipment. HYSYTECH capabilities start from the know-how in chemical and process engineering, up to commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

We operate mainly in the field of generation, treatment and recovery of industrial gases, organic liquids and energy, according to the best engineering practices, also through the implementation of our technologies for hydrogen, biomethane and bio-GNL.

We intercept innovation opportunities, developing and transforming them into specific products and technologies with high added value in the global market.

Since 2018, the Dutch company Stirling Cryogenics B.V., a global specialist in cryogenic technology, originally founded by the technology giant Philips, has also been part of the group.

Active since its beginnings in green chemistry and renewable energy, HYSYTECH in recent years has become a leader in the biofuels sector and in the applications for biogas upgrading to biomethane and for purifying and liquefying biomethane to produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or, in the case of small sizes, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).