Aquaculture and

We optimise your aquafarming facility.

Liquid oxygen at
open sea

For those who need large amounts of oxygen offshore

Gases we use
Nippon Gases have a widespread net worldwide to support you and your company. The know-how the aquaculture & fisheries department technicians have, will help you get the better solution to get optimal results, in a steady pace and along the entire journey you will be with us. Like oxygen, the main gas used with live fish CO2 is used for cooling fish products, N2 for freezing fish and Mapcon to preserve it.
Cylinders and packages with compressed gas can be delivered in a number of sizes and degrees of purity.

We supply liquid oxygen in bulk with different specifications in tank sizes adapted to the company's needs.
Carbon Dioxide
All kinds of solutions,
The inert gas par excellence.
Dry Ice

Liquid CO 2 in solid form
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