Solutions for Food
and Beverage

Industrial gas supply for the food and beverageindustry.

Gases we use
Nippon Gases has many solutions to help you get better results in your activity, accurately chosen according to your needs, and it will lower costs and increase productivity. The use of adequate gas helps you optimise your activity, have lower long-term costs, increase productivity and operational flexibility. Get more with less!
Oxygen for Food and Beverage
Brings colour to the food.
Argon for Food and Beverage
More than just inerting.
Nitrogen for Food and Beverage
Key agent in cryogenics and pack gas.
Carbon Dioxide for Food and Beverage
Key cryogenic and bacteriostatic agent.
Propane is a very useful gas that is used in commercial kitchens, industry and private households.

We also have solutionsfor waste water

Since you need solutions for food and beverage, you might be interested in solutions for wastewater.

Questions about our solutions?
At Nippon Gases we are called “The Gas Professionals” for a reason, and it’s because we’ll be able to solve any doubt.