for Diving

Specialist gas supplier for the offshore diving industry.

We operate under the most rigorous safety regulations. Our main priority is the accuracy and purity of the gases we provide for diving.

Gases we use
Nippon Gases Offshore supply offshore diving contractors with a wide range of diving gases. All gases we provide are analysed and certified in compliance with international standard BSEN 12021:2014.

We supply the international oil, gas and energy industry with the following gases:
A rare but special gas.
Cylinders and packages with compressed gas can be delivered in a number of sizes and degrees of purity.

We supply liquid oxygen in bulk with different specifications in tank sizes adapted to the company's needs.
The inert gas par excellence.

We have compressed argon (Ar) in a number of degrees of purity. Argon is delivered compressed in cylinders and packages. Also available as floating on stationary tanks and transportable tanks.