Oil, Gas and Refining Industry

Industrial gases and applications for refineries.

Gases we use
At Nippon Gases we believe that the use of the most appropriate gas can help you do much more than simply running applications. The use of adequate gas helps you optimise your activity, have lower long-term costs, greater productivity and operational flexibility. This way, you can do
more with less.
Nitrogen for Oil and Gas Industry
Nitrogen is an inert gas, and so, it has a multitude of applications in a refinery or a petrochemical plant.
A rare but special gas.
Cylinders and packages with compressed gas can be delivered in a number of sizes and degrees of purity.

We supply liquid oxygen in bulk with different specifications in tank sizes adapted to the company's needs.

We have compressed argon (Ar) in a number of degrees of purity. Argon is delivered compressed in cylinders and packages. Also available as floating on stationary tanks and transportable tanks.
Acetylene for Metalfabrication Industry
Acetylene is the synthetic fuel gas which, combined with oxygen, generates a flame at very high temperature and is the most commonly used fuel gas in braze-welding and oxy-fuel technologies. Its particular instability is resolved by storing it in special cylinders that contain a porous mass which is first saturated with a solvent that Can be Acetone or DMF (Dimethyl Formalamide) which serve to dissolve the Acetylene making it so stable and safe both during transport and in phases of use.
Any questionsabout oil & gas?
At Nippon Gases we are called “The GasProfessionals” for a reason, and it’s because we’ll be able to solve any doubt.