Freeze Drying

The innovative solutions for preserving pharmaceuticals for life.

Innovative solutions for a high-performance process

Gases and technologies: together we can team up and improve any lyophilisation process.

Liquid nitrogen temperature
Cycle time
Cooling efficiency
Our solution
In Nippon Gases we develop, test and improve hi-tech and patented solutions for lyophilisation.
Cryogenic lyophilisation is the most modern and green process for freeze drying and it is the state-of-art process for vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Injection of inert gas in the chamber for a perfect nucleation.


Optimised solution for cryogenic heat exchange.

Cryogenic pipelines

It is of vital importance to maintain the purity of gases in
the containers until being used. Nippon Gases’ passion and experience was the boost to develop specific equipment
for gas management.

Refrigerated transport

Dry Ice and insulated containers for transport.

A complete service
We can meet all your needs: cooling, design, layouts, controlled nucleation, conservation and transport.
Nippon Gases we help to optimise all stages of theprocess, analysing each case in detail to ensure maximum production performance along with supreme product quality,and to guarantee total safety and precise process control.
We are here to help
At Nippon Gases we are called "The Gas Professionals" for a reason, give us a call as we are always here to help with solutions.