VOC Recovery

Solutions for the reduction and recoveryof VOC with green processes.

Reliable solutions developed in partnership with leading companies

Nippon Gases can provide a wide range ofplants and applications, for different Volatile Organic Compounds composition, concentrations and flow rates. All that to be compliant with regulations, save money and strongly reduce your carbon footprint.

VOC reduction
Units installed
Operating cost reduction
Different Technologies, zero emission
Our solutions involve the Best Available Technologies in abatement and recovery of solvents.
Our wide range of plants includes cryocondensers and fixed bed of activated carbon, as well as the possibility of increasing the yield of a burner with the use of pure oxygen. Two displays for simultaneous welding current and voltage reading and HOLD function after welding  (2 seconds). Electronic inductance adjustment…


In cryocondensers, we use the refrigerant power of liquid nitrogen to condensate the VOCs.


This system is suitable for any flow rate, and we provide an economical analysis for the operating costs of the system, that has a very low investment and operating cost. It is especially used in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry, and is perfectly suitable for chlorinated compounds. It can be skid mounted, ready to-use, and remote controlled.

Activated carbon -nitrogen regenerated

A green solution to avoid

combustion of VOCs.

Adsorbing them on an activated carbon fixed bed, with a

regeneration in nitrogen flow due to flammability.

These plants are suitable for high flow rates, and are

mainly suggested for roto-flexo and helio printing,

converting, special papers and adhesives industry.

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