Pure HFO refrigerants

New refrigerants with an extremely low greenhouse effect

Pure HFO refrigerants are characterised by an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

These fluorinated hydrocarbons have a dual carbon bond, which ensures stability during their use in any system and at the same time makes for a short stay in the atmosphere, resulting in a minimised impact on the environment.

Form of supply
7 litres
12,5 litres
21,6 litres
40 litres
from 800 to 950 litres

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Other refrigerant gases
HFO blends A1
Nonflammable HFO refrigerant blends with low global GWP
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HFO blends A2L
HFO refrigerant blends with low GWP and moderate flammability
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Refrigerants with moderate greenhouse effect
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