Dry Ice Blasting 

Dry Ice Blasting provides a rapid and non abrasive alternate to traditional methods of surface cleaning!

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What is Dry Ice used for?

Dry Ice is often used for transportation of food or medical products and can also be used as a special effect. Its benefits also makes Dry Ice ideal for Industrial Cleaning. It offers environmental solutions in the removal of surface contaminants through blast cleaning using Dry Ice pellets. 

What is used for Dry Ice blasting?

Dry Ice blasting uses Dry Ice pellets, which is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in its solid state. The product has a temperature of -78.6 ºC (-109.5 ºF), whereas traditional water ice is only 0ºC. Dry Ice pellets are produced by compressing and cooling gaseous CO2 into liquid, and then allowing it to expand to produce CO2 snow. The CO2 snow is then compressed into conveniently sized pellets.

Dry Ice as a bacteriostatic and fungistatic agent


Dry Ice is considered a bacteriostatic and fungistatic agent. Its sublimation leads to the generation of an atmosphere saturated with CO2 gas that exerts an antimicrobial action. The development of bacteria, molds and yeasts can therefore be slowed dramatically, thereby contributing to a higher quality preservation of food and perishable goods. The generation of CO2 gas produces a protective inert atmosphere, which displaces oxygen from the inside of packaging and transportation containers, thereby contributing to enhance their microbiological quality, prevent oxidation and maintain optimum preservation conditions for perishables.

Why Dry Ice blasting?

Dry Ice blasting is the best method to clean and maintain your facilities, machines and Industrial processes. Dry Ice blasting cleans all kinds of surfaces, as it is used to clean and maintain production equipment and components. The process allows cleaning in situ thus reducing production downtime, improving the cleaning time and labour costs.


The Dry Ice Blast Cleaning process is extremely efficient and cost effective, it allows contract cleaners to expand their profitability and performance in reducing the man hours compared with more traditional methods such as hand cleaning using scrapers, sanding and scrubbing with solvents.


Dry Ice Supply Online

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