and inclusion

We are a diverse and inclusive company.

Nippon Gases advocates for all forms of diversity.

At the same time, as a company, we must ensure that we have a working environment where our employees feel that they are treated with respect and dignity.

Gender diversity

In every process involving employees, such as hiring, developing or identifying talent, our priority is to make unbiased decisions that remove impartiality and increase the visibility of our female employees.


We are constantly increasing the proportion of female employees in all regions and at all levels.

There are no gender specific positions in Nippon Gases.


of our women employees work in specialist and managerial positions
of our employees (all categories) today are women
promotion rate of the European female mentoring project
Diversity & Inclusion are essential to our work and workplace
    • We strive to be a diverse and inclusive organisation that attracts talented people from all over the world.
    • We strive to make our workplaces suitable for people with disabilities.
    • We actively work with trainees and offer internships, as we see this as a good opportunity to attract young talent. During FYE2023 we employed 68 trainees, six have been hired permanently.

We are a great company because we have a great team.

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