Maintenance Services

Complete maintenance packages for CO2 installations.

We offer maintenance packages for CO2 installations. 


Nippon Gases' qualified service technicians in the UK and Ireland have unique expertise in installation requirements to ensure the necessary quality, safety and environmental standards.


Offering customers complete maintenance packages. We can provide inspection services to be carried out on your equipment in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSR).


Unique expertise

Our employees have specialist expertise in laws, regulations and industry standards to ensure that you operate within the law as the owner and user of a CO2 installation.

Our CO2 installation inspection agreement includes a comprehensive written report covering the following:


  • Visual inspection of the entire installation to identify any obvious faults or leaks.
  • Assessment of the vessel's main relief changeover valve to confirm it is operational.
  • Visual inspection of all relief valves to ensure recent tests remain valid and that there are no apparent issues.
  • Inspection of:
    • Low-temperature cut-out valve.
    • Vaporiser (if installed).
    • Pressure reducing valve.
    • Back feed prevention device.
  • Refrigeration system functionality check.
  • System familiarisation/training refresher.
  • Calibration of pressure gauges/switches to ensure they are within operating limits.

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We also provide various other services, outlined below with a brief description of their scope.


Statutory Inspection
In accordance with the customer's written scheme of examination;
    • Relief valves will be removed, tested, recertified or replaced.
    • A new valid test certificate will be issued.
    • Site visits can be arranged within 24 hours on a call-out basis to address any faults.
Internal Vessel Inspection
Nippon Gases can assist with inspection works including:
    • Decommissioning your vessel.
    • Depressurising the tank.
    • Spading of connections to the tank.
    • Removing the manway door.
    • Warming the vessel for 24-28 hours to ensure safe access.
    • Conducting atmospheric testing inside the tank.
    • Assisting the competent body with the inspection and preparing the tank to receive liquid.
    • Recommissioning the tank.

    For customer-owned tanks, the customer is responsible for scheduling a competent inspection body.
Inspection of a Hot Water/Steam/CO2 Vaporiser
Nippon Gases can arrange the following services:
    • Isolating the vaporiser from the steam, CO2 supply and condensate return.
    • Depressurising the unit.
    • Removing the inner tube assembly for inspection.
    • Assisting with the unit's inspection, reassembly and recommissioning.

    For customer-owned vaporisers, the customer is responsible for scheduling a competent inspection body.
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