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Compliance excellence

A high degree of compliance is achieved through continuous training and focusing on our employees acting in line with our ethical principles. The company has created its own Code of Conduct that ensures that our employees display ethical behaviour in everything they do.

We promote ethical measures and behaviours that contribute to us meeting the expectations of our customers and society.



Both Nippon Gases as a company and each employee must act ethically in all business endeavours.


All our activities are reviewed to ensure compliance with legal requirements in an ethical and transparent manner.






Human Rights


We consider respect for human rights to be fundamental.


We seek to do business with partners - customers, suppliers and contractors - who share the same commitment to human rights as we have.


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Equality of opportunity

We have adopted measures to promote equal opportunity and impartial treatment of men and women.


We have guidelines against all forms of discrimination and harassment. We work to promote diversity and inclusion in all parts of our business.


We have policies against all forms of discrimination, and, as applicable, diversity management.






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