Proactive. Innovative. Collaborative.

Our innovation spirit is reflected in all our activities

We use collaborative innovation to make life better through our technological solutions and gases. Digitalisation and R&D enable us to give the customer experience and our services a boost - while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon emissions industry.

Digitalisation, a basis for innovation.


Tailored services for our customers

We are fully committed to innovation to improve our services in all industries in which we operate.


We approach our customers for innovative thinking and solutions to their most pressing operational challenges.


Our treatment plant simulation technology allows us to better understand our customers’ systems and provide them with a customer service that is tailored to their real needs.

Digitalisation for a better customer experience


MiruGas®, our innovative traceability system.


We continually seek to provide innovative solutions for our customers. MiruGas® has significantly contributed to facilitate our customers’ access and control of the parameters of their gas installations, as well as offering data on all of the products they consume.

Anticipating new manufacturing industry technologies

We are working on different application technologies.


As an example, we have developed an integral solution for the needs of fast Developing 3D printing technology: the 3DPro® line.

Moving Foward Together


We enable industries to advance thanks to our total solutions.


Our Mizu® solutions for wastewater treatment or our CryoSan® and SanFresh® solutions for food preservation result in improved processes in their respective industries.

Boosting the transition to a low-carbon emissions industry
Innovation plays a very significant role in sustainable development.
We have further strengthened our innovation efforts to continuously develop new technologies that positively and immediately impact the world today and tomorrow.

A system that facilitates better management of aluminium smelting furnaces, reduced energy consumption, reduced emissions, and improved production.

Oxy-fuel combustion solutions

Our solutions Hot Oxygen Burner (HOB) technology and Scopejet Burner, have contributed to industries with intensive energy consumption being able to reduce fossil fuel consumption in their production processes.

Thermochemical regeneration process

Our thermochemical regeneration process, which is used in glass production, among other things, is a creative and environmentally efficient solution that reduces CO2 emissions.

R&D and engineering

Our innovation relies on integrating Nippon Sanso Holding's engineering and R&D expertise with our local resources. Together with our customers, innovative solutions are developed based on our unique gas technology and expertise.

Our world technology as plant manufacturers

Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC), an operating company of Nippon Sanso Holdings Group, has recently added a standard type cryogenic nitrogen generation unit, “GNS3000” to its lineup. A fully standardised device with flexibility and a standard design that makes possible to achieve ultra-short delivery times.