Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blast cleaning - an environmentally friendly and efficient method for cleaning machines and process equipment.

What is dry ice blast cleaning?

Dry ice blast cleaning offers an environmental solution in the removal of surface contaminants found within a multitude of industrial applications. The system provides a rapid and non-abrasive alternative to traditional methods of surface cleaning.

The equipment operates by accelerating dry ice through a compressed air stream, impacting the particles upon the surface being cleaned.


The process provides a dry and abrasion free clean, and because the dry ice pellets sublime immediately upon impact (turn from a solid to a gas), there is no secondary waste disposal necessary.

Dry ice blasting is the best method to clean and maintain your facilities, machines and industrial processes.
Key advantages of dry ice blast cleaning

Reduction in operating costs - allows for online cleaning in many applications, removing the need for prior dismantling of equipment. Significantly reducing downtime and cost.


Non-abrasive cleaning - can be used on precision tooling and electrical equipment.


No secondary waste - only the surface contaminant being removed requires disposal as the dry ice sublimes immediately upon impact.


Environmentally friendly - non-toxic and non-corrosive. There is no need for hazardous solvents or chemicals, or for their controlled and costly disposal.

Examples of dry ice blast cleaning
Car undercarriage before being cleaned.
The old undercarriage treatment has been removed using dry ice blasting.
Exposed beams before being cleaned.
Old paint and grime have been removed using dry ice blasting.
Electrical equipment before being cleaned.
Dust and debris have been removed using dry ice blast cleaning.
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