Our highest priority.

At Nippon Gases, safety is a core principle

We believe that safety excellence can only be achieved through hard work and training. We are constantly working to further improve safety by looking for risk factors and behaviors, and by ensuring that all our employees comply with our safety principles.

Our Safety Principles:
All accidents and injuries can be prevented.
Safety is the responsibility of line management.
Every employee is responsible for his/her own safety.
Every employee must stop a job or refuse to perform a job if it cannot be done safely.
Efforts in safety yield results in safety.
Safety is a condition of employment.

Every employee must do every task correctly - every day, every time.
Nippon Gases’ core objective
Safety is an essential part of our culture, and is reflected in our vision, mission, guiding principles and core values.
In all our global operations, our goal is to achieve zero accidents and zero injuries through our commitment to ongoing safety improvement, year in and year out.
From design and development
Designing and developing products
that can be safely manufactured, transported, used and disposed of or recycled without posing unacceptable Risks to people or the environment.
Always improving
A continuous improvement of our
safety management and
corresponding reporting with regards
to our goal of the absolute prevention
of accidents, Injuries, personal and environmental damage through our processes, products and services.
Operational discipline
Safety is priority number one in our company. All our efforts increase the safe operation of our plants, providing safe products to our customers, and being a good neighbor within the local community.