Nippon Gases releases Sustainability Report 2023

Press Release
Madrid, July 2023
Nippon Gases Europe releases its Sustainability Report for the fiscal year ending March 2023

Nippon Gases, the European subsidiary of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, has published its Sustainability Report for the fiscal year ending March 2023. Verified by Ernst & Young, this report outlines the impact that our company has had on the environment and the communities in which we operate, in compliance with the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. These goals facilitate the framework for companies around the world to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The report includes the greenhouse emission verification statement by SGS, allowing us a deeper look into the carbon footprint of our products.

While the effects of the global pandemic have been beginning to dissipate, the geopolitical and socioeconomic climate remains uncertain. “Despite these challenges, many of them unexpected, we have proven our resiliency and adapted our decisions and strategy to continue performing for our stakeholders” said Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases.


The report published today shares the continued commitment and progress in our sustainability focus areas, including resource optimisation, energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions reduction (validated and verified by an accredited consultant) and sustainable technology solutions for customers. Its content is aligned with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’s requirements, and reinforces our commitment towards a carbon neutral world.

“Sustainability is a fundamental component of our business. We remain dedicated to driving positive change and enabling a more sustainable future for all” said Joaquín González-Blas Sánchez, Energy & Sustainability Director of Nippon Gases.


Safety continues to be priority number one for our company – this is reemphasised in this report – alongside a deeper look into the Nippon Gases Integrated Sustainability Strategy. The core of this strategy is the notion that we are a company empowered by people, where employee excellence is at the root of our success as a company. These non-financial goals and measures enhance our performance, consisting of compliance and ethical behaviour, diversity, talent management and community engagement.

Finally, to do our part to combat the difficulties faced in Europe, we continue to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental humanitarian initiatives to aid in alleviating the suffering of millions of people. We firmly believe in working beyond the present to ensure that we can enable the future together, for all.



To learn more about Nippon Gases’ long-term sustainability vision, goals and to view the entire report, visit



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Nippon Gases, one of the leading industrial and medical gases companies in Europe, is part of the Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, which has over 100 years of experience and also boasts a major presence in Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States and Canada, operating in 32 countries with more than 19,000 employees around the world. Our presence in Europe positions us as a leading company with over 3,000 employees of which 27% are women, operating today in 13 countries and serving more than 150,000 customers. Safety, priority number one in our company, is constantly improving due to the search for risk factors and behaviours, and the observance of our safety principles by all our employees. Nippon Gases commitment to our customers, employees and associates and to the communities in which we operate is a reflection of our dedication to the environment and to sustainability. Together, we are “The Gas Professionals” and we all have the same goal: “Making life better through gas technology”.