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Dry Ice

Nippon Gases have Dry Ice supply available online as pellets, slices or Dry Ice blocks. Our web shop is open 24/7 which makes it convenient and easy to purchase Dry Ice from us!

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What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is Carbon Dioxide (CO) in solid form frozen to -78˚ C. The unique properties of Dry Ice make it an attractive resource in a wide range of Industrial and Domestic sectors. Dry Ice does not melt to water, instead it converts into gas and that´s why it´s called Dry Ice. Dry Ice is produced by compressing and cooling gaseous CO into liquid, and then allowing it to expand to produce CO snow. The Dry Ice snow is then compressed by a hydraulic press into convenient sized blocks, slices and pellets.

What is Dry Ice used for?

Dry Ice is often used for transportation of food or medical products and can also be used as a special effect. Its benefits also makes Dry Ice ideal for Industrial Cleaning. It offers environmental solutions in the removal of surface contaminants through blast cleaning using Dry Ice pellets. 

Leading supplier of Dry Ice in UK and Europe

Nippon Gases are the leading supplier of CO in the UK and Europe. Our modern production plants are spread throughout the region, giving us unmatched sourcing. Nippon Gases UK has the two biggest Dry Ice production plants within the UK, operating 364 days per year. Our CO network of terminals and ships, allows us to efficiently transport and store our Dry Ice based upon demand. With secure liquid CO2 sourcing options, it makes us the natural choice for reliable Dry Ice supply.


Dry Ice Supply Online

Nippon gases have Dry Ice supply available online. It´s fast and simple to buy Dry Ice from us. Our web shop is open 24/7 which makes it convenient and easy to order your Dry Ice requirements. We offer Dry Ice in various forms for supply, Dry Ice Pellets, Slices or Dry Ice Blocks. We have a fast and cost effective nationwide delivery service and deliveries for Dry Ice are normally  next working day throughout the UK *. 

* Most post codes are next working day and we aim to meet the delivery date requested however certain deliveries may take a little longer within certain post code areas of the country.  

How long does Dry Ice last?

We recommend you to purchase Dry Ice only for your immediate or short-term use. The durability of Dry Ice is variable and significantly affected by other factors such as the quantity of Dry Ice in the insulated storage container and number of times the container lid is opened.


As a guide, Dry Ice typically evaporates at a rate of 5% to 15% product weight per day depending on the thermal properties of the Dry Ice storage container and the external temperature profile.

Buy Dry Ice online here