Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Seafood packaging.

Packing within a modified atmosphere provides a prolonged shelf life for seafood products.

Seafood stays fresh longer with MAP packing. The MAP process prolongs the shelf life of seafood and also maintains the appearance, taste and texture for optimum presentation and longevity.

MAP packing is the tool that can help your business maintain product freshness for a prolonged period of time.
Lower bacterial count

MAP packaging

Longer shelf life for seafood


  • CO2 inhibits bacterial growth and keeps count low
  • CO2 reduces pH of the product
  • CO2 will give a longer shelf life
  • Low storage temperature, +2°C or lower, and hygiene is important to have a good shelf life


Typical carbon dioxide gas mixes for seafood
CO2 Cod mix
CO2 Salmon mix
Shelf life when storage at +2C

14 days


10 days


7 days


10 days

Cooked seafood

35 days

Smoked salmon

35 days

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