Carbon Dioxide
for Water & Wastewater

For water and wastewater treatment.

Carbon Dioxide, a safe alternative to acids

Carbon Dioxide is ideal for lowering the pH value of alkaline waste water. It is a more cost effective and safer alternative than mineral acids traditionally used. 

With CO2 becoming a weak acid in water, dosing is more gentle and maintaining the pH value at the required level is also easier than dosing with a strong mineral acid.  

    • Inert nature, non-flammable, safe to store and ecological.

    • Fast regulation of the pH without danger of acidification.

    • Preserves the quality of water without increasing its salinity with waste (Al, S, Cl).

    • Easy to manipulate, risk free of burns, spills or leaks.

    • Non-corrosive, lengthening life of equipment and installations.

    • Buffer effect, maintaining the pH in neutral values, self-regulation.
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