Nippon Sanso Holdings Bolsters Portfolio with Innovative Biomethane Solutions for Carbon neutral world Initiative

Madrid, December 2023
Press Release
Carbon neutral world, the global initiative by Nippon Sanso Holdings towards decarbonisation, announces the integration of cutting-edge Biomethane Solutions into its expanding portfolio.

In 2022, Nippon Sanso Holdings embarked on a bold new Carbon Neutral world strategy, outlining our dedication to reducing the industry's carbon footprint. This strategy is based on five pillars and four groundbreaking technologies for steel, glass, aluminium, and non-ferrous markets.


Today, the Group is expanding its carbon neutral portfolio with the integration of its pioneering solutions for the Biomethane market. Based on advanced waste-to-resource technologies, this strategic addition reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Through a circular economy approach and the applying state-of-the-art gas-based technologies, the Group is transforming diverse waste sources, such as food and agricultural waste and sewage sludge, into sustainable energy. This innovative approach addresses waste management challenges while actively contributing to the worldwide transition towards clean and renewable energy sources.


Our solutions for the Biomethane market offer remarkable versatility, capable of producing customised biomethane suitable for grid injection or bio-LNG production. This adaptability empowers our clients to harness renewable energy for various applications.


This process also enables the recovery and reuse of carbon dioxide (CO2) from off-gas. This dual approach minimises greenhouse gas emissions and enriches our sustainable portfolio by promoting CO2 capture and utilisation.


To explore our innovative Biomethane solutions and discover how they can benefit your processes, please visit our website.