Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation launches new carbon neutral world website

Tokyo, October 2022 
Press Release
Carbon neutral world is the initiative outlining Nippon Sanso Holdings’ dedication to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint

‘We enable a carbon neutral world’ represents Nippon Sanso Holding Group’s (NSHD) commitment to contributing to a sustainable society for the future.

Since its funding, NSHD has been at the forefront of researching and developing gas engineering technologies and utilising equipment based on industrial gases – always providing the best solution necessary.

Today, the group is actively prioritising the search for business opportunities to realise a carbon neutral society and, to further this effort, has created a dedicated carbon neutral website in order to publicize their carbon-neutral-specific technologies and solutions.

This website will use illustrations and videos to communicate effectively to the user; promoting proposals for various markets, where they aim disrupt the industry.

NSHD’s carbon neutral website uses eye-catching information and a ground-breaking method of ‘scrolly-telling’ to keep users engaged on a journey towards carbon neutrality.

Incorporating a sleek, modern design and original interactive elements (videos, blog, pop-out screens, etc.) allows for added value to the user with an experience that prioritises the customer journey and provides them with relevant, informative content.

Furthermore, the new ‘News’ section will provide easy access to articles and stories from all NSHD group members across the globe, with a state-of-the-art search and cataloguing system allowing for the smoothest of user interfaces.

The website is sure to effectively portray NSHD Group’s commitment to sustainability and build business avenues across the entire spectrum of the industry.


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About Nippon Sanso Holdings

The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group is the world's fourth-largest supplier of industrial, electronic, and medical gases, operating in four geographic hubs - Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia & Oceania - covering 31 countries. In addition, the Thermos business supplies THERMOS branded products to more than 120 countries around the world. Since its foundation as Nippon Sanso Ltd. in 1910, the group stands for creating social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future. With more than 19,000 employees, together, we are The Gas Professionals” and we all have the same goal: Making life better through gas technology”.