Nippon Gases obtains SGS verification statement of their carbon footprint (ISO 14067:2018)

Madrid, December 2022 
Press Release
Nippon Gases’ main industrial gases obtain SGS verification statement of their carbon footprint.

Nippon Gases has obtained the SGS verification, which outlines the impact that the company and its solutions have on the environment and in the communities wherein they operate.

This statement demonstrates Nippon Gases' ability to assess the carbon footprint of its products and recognizes its sustainability efforts. It is another sign of the company’s commitment to the environment during their day-to-day business. “We see sustainability as a cornerstone of our business strategy – providing solutions with verified carbon footprints to clients is becoming more common by the day” said Joaquin, Sustainability Director of Nippon Gases.

The benefits of calculating and verifying organizational and product carbon footprints include:

  • Measuring the carbon footprint is a key tool for managing and communicating a company's environmental sustainability
  • This verification is a way of complying with market demands, as many stakeholders are beginning to request that organizations report the carbon footprints of their products
  • It is an important factor of competitiveness and product/company differentiation
  • It is a tool for environmental improvement and saving costs. The analysis of a company's carbon footprint makes it possible to detect possibilities for improvement in energy efficiency, production processes or product design that lead to economic savings, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Verification provides credibility and transparency

For Nippon Gases, working with the SGS in this process - the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company - has enabled continuous improvement, providing us with a roadmap through which to formulate strategies that minimise potential impacts on the environment and natural resources.

Looking ahead, we will continue working on reducing carbon emissions, using innovative technologies to develop more low-carbon footprint products and accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions for our company itself and our stakeholders.

To learn more about Nippon Gases’ long-term sustainability vision and goals, read our Sustainability Report here.

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