Soft Drink Carbonation

Soft Drink carbonation

Your carbonation partner in Ireland

Carbon dioxide brings freshness and fizziness to your soft drinks. CO2 is a key ingredient in the production of soft drinks, mineral sparkling water and any non-alcoholic beverages that require fizz. Nippon Gases ensures you a reliable supply of traceable and high-purity carbon dioxide in order to help you meet consumers’ increasingly high expectations. Whatever your bottling volumes and carbonation needs, we are proud to partner with you to develop a customised solution to meet your specific requirements for the carbonation and bottling of your soft drinks.

Carbon dioxide is a key ingredient in your beverages. This means the consumer has expectations about  the CO2 contained in your beverages. We apply HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) management systems to our broad production base and throughout our extensive logistics network. As a result, we can reliably trace our CO2 from its production in our factories to its delivery to your facilities.

Nippon Gases experts can carry out a technical audit of client sites in order to determine the client’s exact CO2 needs. Together with the client, we develop a bespoke solution to meet the client’s specific requirements. This can include the installation of on-site liquid CO2 storage tanks.  Tank levels can be controlled and automatic refill orders can be placed via Nippon Gases own telemetry service. 

Thanks to a full range of services to support you in your production process, Nippon Gases is your complete carbonation partner.

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