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Home deliveries

Home delivery

Home delivered goods are becoming more popular and none more so than groceries. Whilst home delivered foods are nothing new for the consumer (Milk-Man rounds have been doing it for many years!) the choice and ease of ordering due to technology has allowed the market to experience significant growth in the past ten years.

Nippon Gases has been involved for many years in cold chain assurance using novel methods involving liquid CO2 and Drikold dry ice. It is with this knowledge and experience that we are able to advise and supply the most efficient solutions to this market whether this is performed by third party courier or in house specialised distribution of frozen and or chilled goods to the customers door.

The use of Drikold dry ice enables companies to perform home deliveries for either chilled or frozen foods without large capital outlay, and enables a large geographical area to be serviced from a single ‘pick and pack’ location.

The amount of dry ice used determines how long the home delivered shopping can be kept at the required temperature. Our Nippon Gases experts are able to work with you to help optimise the amount of dry ice required.

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