Refrigerated Transport

refrigerated transport

Silent refrigerated transport

CryoTech™ technology uses liquid carbon dioxide CO2 to provide silent, effective and environmentally-friendly refrigerated transport. ThermoKing, the world's leading manufacturer of transport temperature control equipment partners with Nippon Gases, one of Europe's leading producers of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to bring you CryoTech. 

CryoTech systems deliver truly silent operation through the absence of moving parts, when compared with internal combustion engines and compressors. This exceptionally low noise level ensures PIEK-standard compliance for trailers and trucks equipped with CryoTech systems. The PIEK-standard is mandatory in several major European cities and sets strict noise pollution limits for delivery activities in urban areas. Specifically, a maximum threshold of 60dBA is mandated for night deliveries.

Nippon Gases provide you with the CO2 needed to operate a fleet of CryoTech equipped vehicles. In accordance with the strict specifications of the PIEK-standard, CryoTech is fast, reliable, exceptionally quiet and has minimal impact on the environment.

When the sound level emitted by the CryoTech system is at its peak, it is 90% quieter than conventional refrigerated transport systems.

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