Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

What is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

What is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning?

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning offers an environmental solution in the removal of surface contaminants found within a multitude of industrial applications. The system provides a rapid and non-abrasive alternative to traditional methods of surface cleaning.

The equipment operates by accelerating dry ice through a compressed air stream, impacting the particles upon the surface being cleaned.

The process provides a dry and abrasion free clean, and because the dry ice pellets sublime immediately upon impact (turns from a solid to a gas), there is no secondary waste disposal necessary.

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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides a fast cleaning solution for the removal of a variety of contaminants including; paints, carbon deposits, graphite, silicone, greases, Teflon tape and waxes. As the process is dry and non-abrasive, it has no adverse impact or wear on the precision surfaces of the moulds and tooling being cleaned. The process can be used for routine maintenance cleaning of turbine engines, electrical components and fan blades to name a few.



Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is used widely within the automotive industry for non-abrasive removal of release agents, resins, polyurethane foams, rubber, sealants, greases and weld spatter. The process significantly reduces the downtime cost in the removal of surface contaminants from moulds and tooling. There is no costly containment or removal of secondary waste - as none generated, compared to more traditional methods with costly disposal requirements.


Electrical and Power

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a dry non-conductive, non-abrasive process that can be used to increase operating efficiency and up-time of both rotary and stationary electrical equipment. It significantly increases the optimisation of electrical energy in motors, as the process gently clears away carbon, soot, grease and general dirt deposits that could otherwise cause overheating and potential failure of the equipment over time.

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Church restoration


Soot and smoke damage caused by fire leaves unsightly damage and a burnt odour.  Dry Ice Blast Cleaning offers a fast and effective removal alternative to traditional abrasive methods that can damage the substrate surface being restored.  No secondary waste means that projects may be carried out with reduced clean up times, providing significant savings in time and disposal cost.

Bakery Cleaning

Food and Drink

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used within process and production areas to decontaminate equipment surfaces. Process equipment and facilities do get dirty with food deposits, grease, wax, carbon deposits, glues, inks and other general build-up. Unless cleaned, this build-up reduced the effectiveness of the equipment and will limit the life of the assets.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a non-abrasive, non-conductive, and an environmental method of cleaning. It can be used as an alternative to jetting with significant quantities of water and harmful chemicals. The process requires no secondary waste clean-up as the food grade dry ice sublimates on impact. The majority of equipment items may also be cleaned without disassembly, saving on time.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning


Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is used extensively within the foundry industry for improving production efficiency. The process significantly reduces cleaning time by more than 50% compared to more traditional methods of cleaning, having increased clean up, handling and disposal commitments. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a dry, non-conductive and non-abrasive process that leaves no secondary waste to clear up or disposal required.

There are many application areas where Dry Ice Blast Cleaning can be used effectively; cleaning aluminium foundry moulds, refractory coatings, kernel boxes, core boxes, die cast tooling, release agents, sand residues, graphite lubricants, grease, dust, carbon and general cleaning.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

General Cleaning

The Dry Ice Blast Cleaning process has been adopted by many contract cleaners as a solution to a multitude of industrial cleaning requirements. The Dry Ice Blast Cleaning process is extremely efficient and cost effective, allowing contract cleaners to expand their business portfolio and profitability in reducing the man hours compared with more traditional methods of hand cleaning using scrapers, sanding and scrubbing with solvents. The process clean up costs are significantly lower when compared to traditional methods as there is no secondary waste to contain, clean up or dispose of. Contract cleaners also benefit from a dry and non abrasive clean that does not damage substrate surfaces, is non conductive and allows for cleaning in-situ with minimal disassembly of the equipment being cleaned.


Packaging and Printing

The build-up of ink, glues and greases around printing and packaging equipment often leads to issues of alignment, reduced print speeds, increased down-time and increased levels in scrappage. Traditional cleaning methods often first requires the equipment to be dismantled, followed by extensive cleaning by hand with solvents, brushes, chisels, emery cloths and scrapers.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning provides a dry, fast and non-conductive solution for a variety of applications, and requires little or no prior dismantling of the equipment being cleaned. The non-abrasive process cleans away surface contaminants from process equipment such as; gripper bars, drums, rollers, ink trays, gearing, paper dust and hot melt adhesives.

Industrial Cleaning

Rubber and Plastics

Cleaning mould cavities and vents from the build-up of cured material and release agents is critical for plastic and rubber part manufacturers. Any finished product with unwanted blemishes and flash remaining makes parts unusable and results in process shutdown shut down for cleaning.

The effectiveness in Dry Ice Blast Cleaning increases with temperature differential, therefore the cleaning can also be done without first having to wait for the moulds to cool down, therefore significantly saving on downtime. The process is dry and non-abrasive meaning the lifespan of the moulds, tools and equipment are extended when compared to tradition abrasive cleaning methods.

industrial services for dry ice blasting

Your Industrial Services Solution

Nippon Gases is pleased to assist with any enquiries you may have regarding the supply of dry ice blast cleaning equipment, and/or industrial contract cleaning services. We have long established partnerships with Europe's leading equipment and contract cleaning providers, and we are confident in supporting any requirements you may have.

Nippon Gases offers a complete range of services for dry ice blast cleaning:

  • Application support
  • Quality blast grade dry ice pellets produced 'just in time'
  • Reliable delivery using tail-lift vehicles
  • Varied storage container sizes
  • Technical evaluation of customer requirements
  • Safety training of your personnel

To support the blast cleaning application, Nippon Gases has 3 robust dry ice manufacturing plants, one in Dublin and two in the UK. Our secure supply is supported by an efficient and flexible distribution system.  Nippon Gases customers can therefore always rely of receiving expert advice and support, as well as uninterrupted supplies of high quality product.

At Nippon Gases, we help you optimize every step of your process to help you achieve the level of productivity and product quality you require.

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