Meat Mixing

meat mixing

Liquid COand Dry Ice = powerful meat processing aids

Liquid carbon dioxide is an effective solution to compensate for the heating of the mechanical equipment needed in the processing of meat. By directly injecting liquid carbon dioxide in your blenders, mixers and grinders, you can maintain precise control of the temperature of the meat product being processed. The injection of liquid CO2 directly into the meat generates cryogenic energy when the liquid carbon dioxide expands at atmospheric pressure.  The high efficiency of the solid-solid thermodynamic exchange between the carbon dioxide and your product enables rapid cooling. Additionally, liquid carbon dioxide is much easier to use than liquid nitrogen. Much colder, nitrogen is much more difficult to dose properly and can lead to production stoppages and extra costs. 

Depending on your individual requirements, Nippon Gases will advise you on the type of injection system ideally suited, and to assist you with the implementation of the temperature cold chain throughout your production process right through to distribution.