Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP

modified atmosphere packaging (map)

Preserve the quality and freshness of your food with carbon dioxide

Nippon Gases liquid CO2 production and supply capacity and application know-how make us your ideal partner for the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of all your fresh food products.

CO2 has several advantages that make its use widespread in the packaging and preservation of deserts, baked goods, beef, pork, poultry and ready meal food products.

The presentation and quality possible by modified atmosphere packaging using carbon dioxide enables consumers to get maximum satisfaction form your goods and you to get the most out of your high added value products.

The main advantages of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) are:

  • Long shelf (2 to 5 times longer, depending on the gas mixtures and products)
  • Less use of preservatives and other additives
  • Savings
  • Natural conservation in line with consumption patterns
  • Attractive product display
  • Product Visibility
  • Flexibility
  • Flexibility in the type of packaging (visual appearance, labelling, visibility)
  • Increased logistic flexibility
  • Management of the flow of finished products