Greenhouse growing with carbon dioxide

Achieve optimal greenhouse growing with carbon dioxide (CO2). An essential component of photosynthesis, CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour, resulting in earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, and improved stem strength and flower size.

Nippon Gases liquid CO2 offers a number of advantages for greenhouse growers — purity of product, reduced crop damage, better control of CO2 levels, and the flexibility to introduce CO2 within the plant canopy at any time. Liquid CO2 is affordable to install and the process is simple.

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Greenhouse applications using carbon dioxide

Greenhouse applications use pure carbon dioxide for an increased crop quality and yield, naturally.

Given the major role of CO2 in the growth of plants, the level of concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere of a greenhouse is a key factor in the yield of the crops it houses.

Without additional input of pure carbon dioxide, the CO2 content of the atmosphere in the greenhouse can be reduced to less than 50% of its normal content in air. This shortage of CO2 reduces the efficiency of photosynthesis and can have several negative effects on the health and development of crops. It is therefore particularly recommended to enrich the greenhouse CO2, even for crops consuming below average amounts of CO2.

Depending on the crop variety cultivated, an additional supply of carbon dioxide can have several beneficial effects:

  • Increased yield
  • Reduction cultivation time through accelerated maturation Improving quality (texture, colour)
  • Improved resistance to disease

The main crops concerned are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Cucumbers
  • Flowers
  • Currants
  • Raspberries

industrial services for greenhouses

Your CO2 solution

Nippon Gases offers a complete range of services for greenhouse cultivation:

  • Reliable Delivery
  • Technical audit of customer sites
  • Optimization of CO2 consumption
  • On-site CO2 quality control
  • Training of your personnel
  • Technical support
  • Carbon dioxide Storage options

Nippon Gases design, deliver and install liquid carbon dioxide storage tanks for our customers. These tanks can be horizontal or vertical, following each site’s specific requirements. All tanks are designed and built for maximum safety and ease of use. All CO2 storage tanks offered by Nippon Gases are certified to be in conformity with the relevant technical standards and regulations. Nippon Gases can offer vaporizers to suit the heating mediums available at your site, which can be steam, hot water, electrical etc…

At Nippon Gases, we help you optimize every step of your process. From helping you install, monitor and manage your gas supply, to recommending applications to help you achieve the level of productivity and product quality you require.

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