Process Safety

Nippon Gases Process Safety

Effective emergency response

Our commitment to safety can be seen in such programs as our Local Emergency Action Plan (LEAP). LEAP minimises the consequences and impacts of emergency situations by providing prompt, safe & effective response to haulage and customer site related emergencies.

Through LEAP our customer service and safety personnel, in conjunction with our third party haulage partners and the emergency services, will work to ensure every event is quickly & professionally resolved. If an incident occurs involving a Nippon Gases CO2 or Dry Ice product our LEAP team members will:

  • Work with you to evaluate and minimise the effects of the incident at your site
  • Provide detailed product information and disposal advice 
  • Liaise with the emergency services to give expert technical information  

Contact us on +44 (0) 1469 554700 during working hours 
                        +44 (0) 7884549188 out of hours

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