Solid CO2 Delivery


Reliable supply of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)

Liquid CO2 expands rapidly in contact with the atmosphere and generates “dry snow”. Compacted, this “dry snow” is turned into “dry ice”. Dry has a temperature of -78.5 ° C and sublimes, leaving no residue.

Nippon Gases has one dry ice production facility in Dublin, Ireland and two production facilities in the UK able to deliver door to door on a next day basis throughout Ireland and the UK. 

Nippon Gases opened a dry ice manufacturing facility dedicated to the Irish market in 2007 and has been providing a reliable supply of dry ice to the Irish market ever since. Door to door next day dry ice delivery is available to customers throughout Ireland.

Orders placed before 12 noon (Mon - Fri) can be delivered the next working day.

Bulk dry ice orders are supplied using modular storage containers exclusive to Nippon Gases. The system has been designed following recognition of customer requirements and demands. The containers are constructed of durable but lightweight polyethylene, making them completely safe for use in the food sector and entirely recyclable. They can be stored anywhere but sublimation rates are reduced the lower the ambient temperature is. Small dry ice orders can also be packed and delivered to customers using insulated polystyrene boxes.

Dry ice is produced in a variety of formats and packaging adapted to customer needs. Nippon Gases is the only provider of dry ice slices on the Irish market.

Nippon Gases dry ice Dublin produces dry ice in several different formats.

Type  HG500  HG300 HG200 HG100
 Length (external) 1175mm 800mm 780mm 780mm
 Width (external)  800mm 800mm 580mm 580mm
 Height (external) 978mm 978mm 978mm 648mm
 Typical Contents:        
 Blocks 50 blocks 30 blocks  20 blocks  10 blocks
 Slices (25mm full)  60 packs 36 packs 24 packs 10 packs
 Slices (25mm half) 112 packs 62 packs 37 packs 15 packs
 Pellets (9mm bagged) 30 bags 20 bags 12 bags 6 bags
 Pellets (9mm loose) 325 kgs 200 kgs N/A N/A
 Pellets (3mm blast) 325 kgs 210 kgs  N/A N/A
 Pellets (3mm - food grade) 325 kgs  N/A  N/A  N/A
 Pellets (3mm loose)  325 kgs 210 kgs  N/A  N/A

Praxair Dry Ice Certificates:

  • BS EN ISO9001:2008
  • BS EN ISO14001:2004
  • BS OHSAS18001:2007

The Nippon Gases Ireland dry ice plant follow an HACCP approach

We have Customer Services Coordinators ready to help you with all your dry ice needs.

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