Fire Extinguisher Production

fire extinguisher production

Liquid CO2 supply reliability for the production of fire extinguishers

Carbon Dioxide can extinguish Class B flammable liquid fires as well as electrical fires. Fire extinguishing using carbon dioxide uses CO2’s different states.

  1. Cooling: the expansion of CO2 creates dry snow reducing the fire’s temperature
  2. Smothering: heavier than air, CO2 displaces oxygen. By depriving a fire of air it can be extinguished
  3. Blast effect

CO2 leaves no residue and does not cause any damage, making it a particularly recommended in environments with sensitive electric or electronic equipment.

Due to its position as one of the leading producers in Europe of industrial CO2, Nippon Gases offers extinguisher manufacturers a reliable source of carbon dioxide CO2. In addition, Nippon Gases logistics network ensures you receive your CO2 when you needed it.