Dry Ice (CO2)

Drikold™ Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide - CO2)

Buy Drikold™ Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide - CO2)

Drikold™ is Nippon Gases trade name for dry ice which is carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid state. The product has a temperature of -78.6 °C (-109.5 °F), whereas traditional water ice is only 0 °C. Drikold dry ice is produced by compressing and cooling gaseous CO2 into liquid, and then allowing it to expand to produce CO2 snow. The snow is then compressed by a hydraulic press into convenient sized Drikold blocks, slices and pellets.

We offer solid carbon dioxide (CO2) dry ice in concentrations higher than 99%. See the chart below and download the spec sheets and safety data sheets for more information on buying Drikold dry ice from Nippon Gases.


Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide, CO2)


Dry Ice - Carbon Dioxide - Solid - Safety Data Sheet

Dry Ice DRIKOLD Pellets Blocks Slices Standard Grade 2016 SPEC Sheet

Dry Ice DRIKOLD Standard Grade 2016 SPEC Sheet

At Nippon Gases, we develop the right product for the right applications. Give us a call and we'll help you determine the best supply option for your operations.

Uses for Drikold™ Dry ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide CO2)

Cold Chain Management

Carbon dioxide CO2 in solid form (dry ice) is a flexible and reliable means of temperature control. Nippon Gases modern production facilities, unique sourcing platform and in-depth expertise, helps maintain complete cold chain assurance.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning offers an environmental solution in the removal of surface contaminants found within a multitude of industrial applications. The system provides a rapid and non-abrasive alternative to traditional methods of surface cleaning.

Drikold™ 3mm pellets are used in Dry Ice Blast Cleaning.


Our Drikold™ premium dry ice can be used to help food processors increase productivity in every phase of food processing and cost-effectively bring their products to market. Let Nippon Gases help you preserve the freshness of your products.

Drikold™ Dry Ice supply: blocks & slices; pellets 

Drikold™ Dry Ice supply: blocks and slices; pellets 

Bulk Drikold dry ice orders are supplied using modular storage containers exclusive to Nippon Gases. The system has been designed following recognition of customer requirements and demands. The containers are constructed of durable but lightweight polyethylene, making them completely safe for use in the food sector and entirely recyclable. Small Drikold dry ice orders can also be packed and delivered to customers using insulated polystyrene boxes.

Blocks and Slices

We offer Drikold dry ice blocks and slices in the following weights packed into Nippon Gases bespoke modular container system.

  • 10.5kg blocks (typical size 210mm x 125mm x 250mm)

  •  1kg slices (typical size 210mm x 125mm x 25mm)

  •  500g slices (typical size 105mm x 125mm x 25mm)


We offer Drikod dry ice pellets for a variety of uses in two different sizes.  These can either be bagged or loose packed into Nippon Gases bespoke modular container system.

  • 9mm diameter pellets with a length of 20mm (loose or bagged)

  • 3mm diameter pellets with a length of 10mm (loose)

Not sure what's right for you?

At Nippon Gases we have product knowledgeable Customer Services coordinators to help with the order processing and an Application Sales team to assist in determining solutions to problems, we offer a comprehensive service.  Give us a call and we'll help you determine the best supply option for your operations.