Waste Water Treatment

waste water treatment in the beverage industry

Regulate the pH your waste water with Carbon Dioxide

Does your production process or your cleaning routines consume large amounts of water? Are you committed to implementing the relevant UK environmental laws (discharge consent) and observe a responsible attitude towards your environment? Nippon Gases can help you focus on your core business while controlling waste water effluents.

Neutralising the pH of industrial waste waters through CO2 injection has several advantages over chemical methods:

  • Safety: Carbon dioxide is non-hazardous and non-corrosive.
  • Efficiency: The effect is immediate and without risk of over-acidification.
  • Simplicity: Easy to control, simply injecting liquid carbon dioxide in the waste water effluent stream in order to re-balance its pH.

Alkaline or acid detergents are often used to clean production equipment and bottling installations. The pH is one of the most important measures of water quality and a component of the Mogden formula for trade effluents. Before discharging such effluents in the water system, you must re-balance their pH.

Nippon Gases are one of Europe’s largest liquid CO2 producers with 20 years of proven supply reliability.  This makes Nippon Gases your ideal partner for waste water neutralisation and potable water re-mineralisation.

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