Cold Chain Management


Liquid CO2 and dry ice for reliable and flexible cold chain assurance

Carbon dioxide CO2 in liquid form or in solid form (dry ice) is a flexible and reliable means of temperature control. Nippon Gases state of the art production facilities, unique sourcing platform and in-depth expertise, helps maintain complete cold chain assurance.

The temperature-controlled transport of products has changed our way of life. It contributes to the diversity, quality and hygiene of the food we consume. In the area of health, cryogenic transport facilitates life-saving research and treatments. Carbon dioxide CO2 in its liquid form or as dry ice is an effective tool to maintain cold chain integrity. Nippon Gases is one of Europe’s leading producers of liquid CO2 and operates several dry ice production facilities at strategic locations across Europe, including Immingham and Heathrow in the UK and Dublin in Ireland. At Nippon Gases UK, we combine our strong production capacity with a many years of experience to provide you with the cold chain assurance solution best suited to your needs. 

industrial applications for cold chain management

Airline Food Tray

Airline Catering and Rail Catering

Nippon Gases UK offers a reliable and flexible source of Drikold dry ice making us the partner of choice for all your temperature control needs related to air catering, event catering and rail catering. 

Dry Ice truck

Home Deliveries

Home delivered goods are becoming more popular and none more so than groceries. Whilst home delivered Foods are nothing new for the consumer (Milk-Man rounds have been doing it for many years!) the choice and ease of ordering due to technology has allowed this market to experience significant growth in the UK in the past ten years. 


Pharmaceutical and Medical Transport

Nippon Gases UK’s dry ice know-how allows you to create the low temperature conditions necessary for successful transportation of biological samples.

Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated Transport

Silent refrigerated transport (PIEK-compliant) backed by one of the leading liquid carbon dioxide producers in Europe.

industrial services for cold chain management

Total Systems Approach

The Nippon Gases Total System Approach focuses on getting your system designed, installed, tested, and quickly up and running to meet your operation needs.

At Nippon Gases, we help you optimize every step of your process. From helping you install, monitor and manage your gas supply, to recommending applications to help you achieve the level of productivity and product quality you require.

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